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  1. 2006.05.13 PS3로 발표된 어쎄신 크리드, 사실 XBOX360에서?
E3에서 PS3용으로만 발표된 어세씬 크리드가 사실은 XBOX360+플스호환패드를 연결하여 돌리고 있다고 한다.

IGN쪽에도 기사가 올라왔었으나 현재는 삭제된 상태!
많은 사람들이 목격했다고들 하던데~~

어쨌든 이런 상황까지 가게된 소니가-_-;;

PS3 기대 했었는데 말이다!!!

IGN기사의 전문 이라고 한다.

E3 2006: Xbox 360 Assassinated

Ubisoft Montreal's Prince of Persia influenced action game may come to Xbox 360.
by Douglass C. Perry

May 12, 2006 - Ubisoft Montreal revealed its next incredible project, Assassins: Creed, exclusively for PlayStation 3 at E3 this year, much to the delight of Sony console fans and to the dismay of Microsoft consoles fans.

A third-person action game in the vein of Prince of Persia, Ubisoft Montreal's newest title shows off the next generation with fantastic texture work, early but promising animations, and newly envisioned levels of Prince/Spider-Men climbing/traversing. But the game, officially, is strictly exclusive to PlayStation 3. Ubisoft officially would not comment on a possible Xbox 360 version.

According to sources close to the company, however, there are potential plans for an Xbox 360 version at Assassins: Creed sometime in 2007. Additionally, Microsoft sources who asked not to be mentioned by name, claimed the demo, hidden behind closed doors at E3, was running on an Xbox 360 using a third-party USB PlayStation controller. The game system was hidden in a stand covered by a sheet. Again, Ubisoft officials would not comment.
이름을 밝힐 수 없는 MS쪽의 정보원이 말하길 게임이 돌아가는 시스템을 숨겨놓고 시연하고 있는데 알고보니 360에 USB플스호환패드.

We'll have more soon.
현재 북미게임미디어들의 추측으로는 UBI에서 멀티플랫폼으로 발매할 생각이었지만 E3 직전 소니의 로비로 UBI 경영진들이 PS3 독점으로 바꾼 것 같다고 한다.

IGN에 기사였던것 같은 흔적 링크!!

단순 낚시일까, 아닐까 궁금할뿐 ㄱ-

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